Welcome to Cameron Heath's
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Born at 12:32pm on June 7 2005, this website photo journal belongs to Cameron Michael Heath.

I have put together a short (6min:39sec) movie presentation which can be downloaded in 2 formats. cameron_320x240.avi is around 100 Mb to download, and cameron_160x120.avi is around 65 Mb. Please let me know if you have any problem downloading these. Right click the links and go to "save as" to save them to your hard drive.

Don't forget, you can send Cameron emails at camnosp@m@cameronheath.com and we will keep these emails for posterity, and to embarass him at some later stage like his 21st birthday! If you have any other queries, please email me at camsdadinosp@m@cameronheath.com or email Natalie at camsmumnosp@m@cameronheath.com. (Just remove nosp@m from the address!)

I've slightly modified the image program to show only the most recent images. If you want to see _all_ the images, then click here.

Don't forget Cam's brother site - www.benjaminheath.com!

Thanks for the good wishes and for visiting,

Cam's Dad.

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